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September 29th, 2014

Ottoman vs. Coffee Table

SAS Interiors

Ottomans are pretty hot right now and I will tell you why! But first let us think about the basic function of that little something you place in front of your sofa. Gender wise, I think the guys either need a place to put their feet or a spot to rest a drink, it depends on the guy, but this seems to be the most common concern! And for the ladies, style and a place to put pretty things is on the top of the list of requirements.

Elements of Style and Decor Pad

Not only is the immediate function of the ottoman or the coffee table important, but the overall function and usage of the room is something you want to consider. Is the room a rarely used but dainty sitting room? Is it the must-be comfy movie watching room? Or does it lay somewhere in between? Take a moment and visualize what you want the room to feel like.

Belle Maison

Of course coffee tables are a classic choice, limitless styles are available to suit any type of decor and for the adventurous among you there are ideas out there for building your own, refinishing old ones and manipulating the new. You can arrange a vignette on the table with aptly named coffee table books, candles, and other items of interest.
Style Me Pretty

However, the ottoman has its own individual attributes which add to its appeal. First of all you can comfortably put your feet up. At the sofa shop, this is a great option for people who like the idea of having a chaise on their sofa but don’t want to commit to it. The ottoman can be pushed right up to the sofa for those cozy movie watching nights. Or, place a tray on it and it can hold drinks (and of course pretty things!). When you have a dinner party or a family function the ottoman can be pushed aside and act as extra seating. Many ottomans offer storage and if you order a custom one you can add another layer of colour or texture to the room depending on if you choose fabric or leather.



So there! In your own coffee table vs. ottoman dilemma you now have some additional input to make a decision that works for you!

October 23rd, 2013

DIY Coffee Table Ideas

Julie Loves Home


I really, really, really do not mean to be so absent, neglectful, AWOL these last few months. What a bad little blogger I am. In my defense the sofa shop has been busy, which equals super exciting for me! Unless you have found something that quickens your heart, causes sharp inhalations and maybe a gasp or two, I would be hard pressed to tell you just how thrilling custom sofas are. There is fabric. Lots of fabric. Textures, patterns, colours. Combinations of these elements. And each and every one is different! So much fun. Even though I may not be here as much as I would like I am taking in all the beauty to put back in place here at DOJ. So hang in there, readers, friends. It will be worth it. I promise.


Hello There Home


I have not had a coffee table in years and I will tell you why. When my little ones started waddling along it seemed best to get rid of the over-sized two-tiered coffee table that was bossing the room around to opt for cozier spaces with pillows and what not. Those days have passed and since I moved my sectional around a while back I have been looking for ideas. Of course I could just buy one, but where is the fun in that? The coffee table pictured at the top has a mirror for a table top and a painted coffee table base. Glam. Love it. The one directly above this text has cute legs.


Saved by Love Creations

And while I do love the Isala coffee table from Ikea, perhaps I could modify it with a stencil or some nailhead trim, as seen above and below. And here is an interesting fact… I am currently reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and he cites Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad as 67th on his list of the richest people in human history. I mean, we all love Ikea right? But, wow, that sort of surprised me.


Little Green Notebook


I know for sure I want a round coffee table with a little DIY flare or slight modification, but nothing too crazy. I have no time or desire, if I want to be really honest, to build one from scratch. Which of these coffee table design would you try out? I am thinking mirror or stencil, but I do really love the nailhead. Hmmm…

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July 6th, 2012

Coffee Table Dilemma and Ideas

Eloquence Le Courte Coffee Table

I have not had a coffee table in my living room since my oldest was born! At night when the kidlets are in bed I just bring out a little stool for my tea. Why, you might ask? Wobbly walkers and tiptoeing toddlers are not exactly cut out for hanging around a coffee table. The table I got rid of was rectangular with sharp edges, so it was only natural I wanted to liquidate the thing. Right now I have a giant roadway car mat where my future coffee table will sit.


Sure I could have looked for a round one, but once I removed the table, it really opened up the room for more play area. However, it is time to add one back into the picture, the kids are steady Eddie on their feet now and we need more surfaces for artwork. Maybe it’ll be a round or an oval, maybe it won’t.


The coffee table pictured above from Layla Grace is elegant and pretty. I’m not sure about the carpet-like inlay, but the shape and details are divine.


I love the ones pictured here, but I want to make something over for a thrifty variation of a chic coffee table. The hunt is on!! First I need to find a piece. With these ideas in mind, I will choose something with detail and visual interest which I can then paint over. The heft and weight of the cream table pictured below, found at Layla Grace is something I would consider. Can you see that teal shelf in the background? YUM!

Somerset Bay Destin Cocktail Table

I love the idea of using a patterned paper and nail head trim as done at Pretty City Things with an inexpensive Ikea table. But I want something with curves and flourishes and detail. This Isala coffee table from Ikea has been spotted all over the web. The colour is blissfully grey and the curvaceous legs are more in line for what I am looking for.


Something with two levels for a storage area would be ideal. It might help me keep my book and magazine addiction in check if I can keep them (current issues only!!) in plain sight. I also really like the ones with drawers, but drawers around here clutter up quickly. I think my best bet is to choose one with an open storage area and add decorative boxes or baskets for organization. What works for you and your coffee table?


Coffee Table DIY Ideas


To stencil or not to stencil? I have seen an abundance of neat-o mosquito ideas for stenciling furniture in the last while and it is tempting. I wonder what a medallion type stencil would look like on a round pedestal coffee table. Other ideas include fancy french phrases (try saying that ten times fast!), numbers, monograms, symbols– like an ampersand or an astrological symbol, a word, or whatever strikes you or moves you or inspires you! Or you can forgo the stencil and opt to create a lace topped coffee table as seen at A Beautiful Mess! So cute!


Another idea is to create a coffee table with palettes and caster wheels. If you want a rustic look this might work for your home. But not mine. I want something with elegance.


Apartment Therapy has a few coffee table options including one with a painted chalkboard top. That could be cute in the right space, right? Playroom, for instance. Even an ugly coffee table can be painted and given new life like this one at It’s Clementime.


Or why not build from scratch with a DIY coffee table project like this Apothecary Table with Toy Box Trundle from Ana White. It houses a toy box! And it looks fantastico!


Well, I don’t know if I narrowed down my search at all, but I definitely have some ideas to work with. What kind of coffee table projects have you taken on?


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