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December 21st, 2012

Red and White Christmas Decor

Red and White Christmas Decor

Source Unknown


Red and white Christmas decor is one of my favourite holiday palettes. The clean crisp lines and the division between the two shades is just lovely. Use red and white to decorate a table, shelf, centerpiece, wreath or mantle.


Red and White Christmas Decor with Candles

Marie Claire Idees 

White punctuated with a pop of red is sweet in the photo pictured above. I bet it looks just as good at night, and cozier.


Christmas Table Red and White

Midwest Living 

What’s better than a candy cane theme this time of year? Although I must admit I had to remove the candy canes from my Christmas tree this year due to some deft little fingers that couldn’t sneak enough candy from the tree!!


Red and White Christmas Mantle

Better Homes and Gardens

The balance and the symmetry of the photo above resonates with me. The pops of red and white and neutral oat tones makes for a rustic festive atmosphere.


Good Housekeeping 

Yum, and how pretty!


Red and White Christmas Decor

Home Klondike

I love the stillness of this photo. If I could take a walk into this room and avoid Christmas shopping, I’m pretty sure I would!


Red and White Christmas Table

Ish and Chi 

Love. This. Deep garnet red divinity! There are a zillion ways to incorporate red and white Christmas decor into your holiday design. I’m already thinking about next year. Starting fresh. Changing new. Time for new beginnings.


March 14th, 2012

Monochromatic Design Ideas

Elegant, white monochromatic room.

From Burrs and Berries

























Monochromatic decor is a commitment to use one colour to decorate an entire space. The choice you make for your colour will depend on several factors. Consider the space and its daily usage to determine whether you wish to create a vibrant energized space or a serene oasis. Also consider the time of day the room is most frequented. Dining rooms, for instance, tend to be used in the evening and can hold saturated colours well as they create the sought-after cozy factor. Colour looks different in daylight than it does by lamp light.


A strict approach to monochromatic design ideas makes use of one colour only, and incorporates a range of hues in it’s palette. A casual approach to monochromatic decor means you can choose one main colour and accent it with white, silver, black, gold or wood tones. Either approach is chic and visually appealing when planned well.


Apartment Therapy showcases an assortment of both casual and strict monochromatic designs which you can see in this post. Check out A Summer White Villa (pictured above) courtesy of Burrs and Berries.


If monochromatic decorating is a new concept to you, experiment with decorating a small space like a foyer or a bathroom. The key to any successful design is texture, but this is especially evident for monochromatic rooms. If texture is not worked into the room, the result is a flat swathe of endless colour. Instead, bring original pieces of furniture, art, textiles and accessories into the room for both their shape and texture. Don’t be afraid to alter your finds. A fresh coat of paint in your chosen palette will create new options.


Use the hallways in your home to bridge the space colour-wise between monochromatic areas. Litter pops of the colour from the monochromatic room down the hall and away from the room like a trail of eclectic bread crumbs. This will prevent a choppy and potentially jarring atmosphere, especially if your monochromatic room is a bold or bright one.


Ideas for calming colours include white, beige, soft blues and greens and gray. Amp up the colour factor for a vibrant space with colours like red, pink, purple, indigo, blue and green. Whatever colour you choose, monochromatic decor is addictive, have fun with it!



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January 31st, 2012

Light Monitor

Today I can’t help but think about light. The sky is a mottled mixture of white and gray. Stillness echoes through the empty morning streets as January ends, and the light is pure. Unseasonable warmth has gathered and spread across the city and left a constant dripping, a melted slush, a quiet type of action. The light has started to stay longer, I monitor it by way of evening.


Last night on the way to the gym the sunset streaked all pink and blue, where a week earlier the night had already fallen. Here we are, beginning the upward ascent towards spring light and the coveted Alberta summer light. For those of you unfamiliar with our summers here in northern Alberta, it stays light as late as 11pm at the peak of summer. Oh, to dream of such a thing is like some type of blasphemy on this last day of January, but so be it. Today I will gladly settle for a few minutes extra light, weak or potent as it may be.


While the sun paints colour with a golden glow, this white light strips each shade down to its most basic, inherent hue. It is bliss to witness the transformation, indoors and out. As it falls through the windows and pours through the open door, the dormancy of winter and the hope of change spills out and languidly grasps at each surface.