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January 6th, 2013

Bright New Beginnings

Rainy Window

Dreaming of June is offically one year old! Out of babyhood and into the toddler years we go! First off, I would like to thank each and every individual pair of eyes that have stopped by and read me here. My supporters– I am ever so thankful for you! As DOJ continues to grow and expand into my ultimate vision, I know you will be right there with me. Mwah!! While 2012 was a year of deconstruction for me personally, I believe 2013 will be a year filled with bright new beginnings. When you take the time to build a path and fill it with dreams you can act on, happiness will prevail!


In order to construct, there are sometimes periods of deconstruction. And well, 2012 was a year of great change filled with said deconstruction. Let me just say that divorce is like a tornado, a hurricane, a tsunami, some great yet unnatural disaster that rips your life apart and leaves you baffled and confused. And so you grasp at the remainders, the truths, the little certainties that make your heart tick. Little faces, family, dear friends, decor (you know it!) things that keep your momentum going forward until some semblance of normalcy kicks in and overrides what was.


I hesitated for a long time about mentioning the divorce here, this is a happy place for me and I do not want clouds to cast shadows, but I also want to engage my readers and let you into my little world, the good, the bad and the beautiful! This blog was built in the midst of great ruins and in it’s building I have made many discoveries. Good ones. Passionate ones. This new year is filled with the promise of bright new beginnings in more ways than one. Dreaming of June has grown and will continue to grow in it’s own way branching out and branching up across the great big beautiful ever changing, hue-bent sky. So stay tuned and visit often. I welcome feedback, comments and suggestions on posts you would like to see and topics you would like to explore. Here are some of the year’s besties:


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My heart is brimming with excitement for what this new year holds in store for me both personally and for Dreaming of June. I expect more great change. Change of the constructive sort. Change of the imminent sort. Change of the unexpected serendipitous sort. There will be much building, this much I can promise. So, here’s to you my readers and the wonderful year ahead!!

March 20th, 2012

Spring Decor Ideas

Ranunculus Bloom

Rananuculus photograph courtesy of Mr. Phil Price

Hooray for the first day of spring! As gray as it is, the dry streets are heavy with the scent of rain. How happy is that? This time of year I like to take stock of everything in the main living areas to see what I can change or update in the coming weeks to make way for spring and summer living.


Away with the heavy carpets meant for holding boots and wintry debris. Away with the heavy wool throw on the sofa. Away with any indication that winter was ever here!


I want to introduce vibrant energy and at the same time choose items that don’t need a whole lot of upkeep. The back of the house gets pure sun in the summer, presently a thick-slatted blind hangs with a valance I made from fabric bought at Ikea. A new valance in a summery pattern to change the look, is in order this year. The kitchen is very red, as red as red can be, I believe the shade was called ‘Daredevil’ which means I need to find a fabric with a pattern that can stand up to such a bold colour. I might even pair the valance with a sheer curtain to soften the look of the blinds.


As for the back entrance, a small rectangular carpet will do the trick for warmer months. Now, if only I could come up with a solution to deal with all the sand from little shoes which ends up in the porch!


Another way to lighten the mood in your home and incorporate spring decor, is to reposition mirrors to reflect more light. Not all of them, of course, but try moving one and see what happens. Update wintry patterns and cozy prints with airy fabrics you can use in areas around the home. Break out the flowing cotton curtains, linen throw pillows and pack up the wool!


Spring decor would not be complete if you didn’t arm yourself with supplies and develop a game plan for spring cleaning. Depending on your climate, the indoors and the outdoors will need some love, and by love I mean a scrubbing! Windows, screens, door frames, closets and more will do well with a major haul over. With the onset of winter, things tend to accumulate. Now is the time to release them and make way for the new.


Another sure way to introduce spring décor into the home is fresh cut flowers! Whether it be tulips, white lilies, anemones or my absolute favourite ranunculus, fresh flowers add instant spring appeal to any type of décor.

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March 14th, 2012

Monochromatic Design Ideas

Elegant, white monochromatic room.

From Burrs and Berries

























Monochromatic decor is a commitment to use one colour to decorate an entire space. The choice you make for your colour will depend on several factors. Consider the space and its daily usage to determine whether you wish to create a vibrant energized space or a serene oasis. Also consider the time of day the room is most frequented. Dining rooms, for instance, tend to be used in the evening and can hold saturated colours well as they create the sought-after cozy factor. Colour looks different in daylight than it does by lamp light.


A strict approach to monochromatic design ideas makes use of one colour only, and incorporates a range of hues in it’s palette. A casual approach to monochromatic decor means you can choose one main colour and accent it with white, silver, black, gold or wood tones. Either approach is chic and visually appealing when planned well.


Apartment Therapy showcases an assortment of both casual and strict monochromatic designs which you can see in this post. Check out A Summer White Villa (pictured above) courtesy of Burrs and Berries.


If monochromatic decorating is a new concept to you, experiment with decorating a small space like a foyer or a bathroom. The key to any successful design is texture, but this is especially evident for monochromatic rooms. If texture is not worked into the room, the result is a flat swathe of endless colour. Instead, bring original pieces of furniture, art, textiles and accessories into the room for both their shape and texture. Don’t be afraid to alter your finds. A fresh coat of paint in your chosen palette will create new options.


Use the hallways in your home to bridge the space colour-wise between monochromatic areas. Litter pops of the colour from the monochromatic room down the hall and away from the room like a trail of eclectic bread crumbs. This will prevent a choppy and potentially jarring atmosphere, especially if your monochromatic room is a bold or bright one.


Ideas for calming colours include white, beige, soft blues and greens and gray. Amp up the colour factor for a vibrant space with colours like red, pink, purple, indigo, blue and green. Whatever colour you choose, monochromatic decor is addictive, have fun with it!



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