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February 13th, 2012

Modern Pottery: JD Wolfe Pottery



If you are looking for some heart shaped lovelies on this Valentine’s Day, look no further than these sweet heart shaped nesting bowls. On Etsy today I found JD Wolfe Pottery, a modern pottery shop that makes unique pieces inspired by Scandinavian designs. Designs range from heart shaped bowls (perfect for this time of year), cloud shaped dessert plates and other wonderfully whimsical polka dotted pieces. Each piece of pottery is handmade and lovely!




For most people decorating the home is an ongoing process. A process of adding new items when the time is right or when you see that special something you just can’t live without. In the kitchen, decor takes on functionality. The decorative items you find and love are often the very things that are used every day. Whether you entertain frequently or are apt to dining with family, modern pottery offers a range of decorative possibilities to include in your dishware rotation.


I can imagine fluffy pastel cupcakes or sweet lemon curd tarts on those cloud plates!