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August 3rd, 2016

5 Reasons You Need a Statement Mirror in Your Dining Room

I am obsessed with the eclectic look of this first picture. In fact, when I started this post, I immediately went out to search for deep red dahlias. Instead I found Gerber daisy’s of the same colour, which gave my room a much needed jolt of red. Thank you Architectural Digest for sharing this beautiful room that belongs to David Jimenez from Hallmark Cards.

So I had this whole post written about why you should hang a statement mirror in your dining room but the simple truth is that it will look awesome and you should do it. The end. But that doesn’t make for very interesting reading does it? Do you need some backstory? What should I tell you? How amazing this summer has been so far? How exciting it is to be surrounded by inspiring people, furniture and my beautiful children? Or maybe I should tell you about my love of hot yoga and how finishing a long day with breath and awareness brings sweetness to my life? Or maybe you want to know about the stillness that leaves me enchanted as I move through these beautiful days and nights? How about what I’m reading, watching, listening to?

Inspiration is everywhere and you will see it trickle into this little online space bit by bit over the next little while. But enough about me, let’s let your curiosity simmer a little and focus on the decor!

My five reasons you should hang a mirror in your dining room are: drama, reflection, ambiance, architectural elements and to add polish. And I’ll tell you why…

Kate Marker Interiors

For Drama: A single large scale mirror can add instant drama to a dining space and create a sense of mood. There’s just something almost bewitching about a big beautiful mirror when placed right. I can think of several that made a room stand out to me. One was in a house in Vancouver (an enormous one with an ornate wooden frame), another in a restaurant in Toronto (hung somewhat precariously above the tables where we sat) and countless others.

For Reflection: Whether the mood of the room is light and airy, colourful or brooding, the mirror will bounce light – both natural and artificial around the room. It will also add depth and perspective to the room and make it feel bigger.

For Ambiance: Think of those cozy winter nights, lights dimmed, dining with family and friends! Although we are mid-summer right now, nights like this are not far off. For me, candles are a must, any time of the year. With a mirror in the dining room all that dim moody light can dance through the mirror too.


For an Architectural Element: Last summer when I was exploring furniture stores in Toronto there was this store that had three tall beautiful mirrors that looked like cathedral windows against one of the interior walls. It opened the floor right up and acted as an architectural element and I thought (I am so going to use this!). This is an especially great idea for newer homes which may be short on architecture. Hang a group of them together and see what happens.

For Polish: Honestly, a mirror adds a little glitter, a little polish, a little bit of a finish to any room you hang one in, but dining rooms are special in the sense that we entertain in them. Special dinners, holidays and birthdays are often celebrated in your cozy little dining room and you want the room to reflect that (literally), hence the polish and finishing details like the lovely mirror.

And there you have it. Some solid reasons you should add a statement mirror to your dining room. Now wait! Where should you hang it? How about above your sideboard? Work with the fixed elements in the room like windows and entrances and you will find the right spot, I promise!

Happy decorating!


October 20th, 2015

Dining Room Envy

Windsor Smith Home

Well hello! It’s been a while, far too long. As most of you know I have been oh so busy. Work, kids, school! Need I say more? Against these pure blue October skies life is wonderfully full and happy and ever changing. Autumn mornings are my favorite thing right now! Side note: my powder blue sofa is home where it belongs. Photos will follow once I reformat the art, mirrors, photos etc.

The dining room (pictured above) of interior designer Windsor Smith was the inspiration for my first project in class, so I thought I’d share it with everyone here too. So lovely!

I have stared at this picture so much in the last little while, I feel like I have been here. So often I get captivated by a room and wish I could jump into the page of a magazine and stay a while. Now that’s a type of travel I could get on board with. Room to room.

I love this particular dining room for its beauty and all its layers. First of all that Chinoiserie wallpaper is gorgeous! The curtains and all that glitzy silver and crystal in the chandelier make it special, but the room, all in all, is sweet and casual. Lived in. Something to aspire to!

The choice of elements new and old make this room family friendly which to me means it would be used often and used well. I could picture a family brunch in here, an elegant dinner or coffee for two. Versatile as any dining area should be, right?

This is such an exciting time for me. Decor wise, family wise, life wise! More fabulousness will follow perhaps in a slower way, but I promise the wait will be worth it! Now if only I could follow my own advice and practice patience in other areas of sweetness. XOXO

April 14th, 2014

Rustic and Yet Elegant Dining Tables

Adore your Place

Our home right now is by no means a forever home, and until that time or home comes I have been exercising creative ideas for decorating the space. I recently purchased these amazing chairs (which we will get into next time), and now it’s all about the table. Hence the rustic, yet elegant dining tables you will see here.

Rooms for Rent

I have looked everywhere for the perfect size, look, etc. but everything is too big, 60-84″ when I need 50″ max, (or too high, no thanks to the pub height table trend!) and so it looks like a DIY situation is at hand. What’s a girl to do but call her Dad of course! And the verdict? Dad thinks we can do it! Hooray!

What I’m thinking is this: pair four of the six chairs I bought with one of these custom made table beauties. I want a table top with a relatively dark stain atop a base which I will most certainly paint blue, yes the same blue as the chairs. Shhh, stop asking so many questions about the chairs! Patience!!

i Heart Naptime

Truth be told, what I really, really wanted was to create a banquette on one side with some pretty feature chairs, but with the age of my boys being still fairly young (potential dining mishaps for all my non-parent readers) it seems best to forgo the dainty upholstery and feed my fabric love on the seats of the chairs alone.


If you would like to attempt this project with me I will be using these Husky Farmhouse Table plans found at Ana White.


And then I watch an episode of Cracking Antiques and think, hey! Maybe I can find an antique table! But alas, it took me six months to find chairs. Make the dining table! And of course it will be an awesome project to do with my Dad. Win, win. Stay tuned for the chairs!

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January 22nd, 2013

Elegant Sideboards

Sideboard with Picture Frames

Our Fifth House


My friend and hair stylist extraordinaire Raman and I were talking about sideboards the other day post bang trim and she was wondering where to put one and what to put on it so I thought I would give her a little inspiration. Raman’s dining room is a beautiful gray with silvery sparkly accents and oversized floral artwork. Her table and chairs are dark wood. The room is lovely. And so we pondered elegant sideboards because she wanted to move a table out of the room and wasn’t sure what to replace it with.


Sideboard with Sign and Candles

Primitive and Proper


Aside from how functional sideboards are storage-wise, they can be sooooo pretty.  Decorate the sideboard with items you love. As always it is best to surround yourself with objects that speak to you of something or someone– a distant secret, a remote past, a haunting story, a long gone friend, a lover or a kindred spirit. Create a mini vignette with your chosen pieces and you will have a sideboard that suits you and the rest of your home. And most importantly, you will love it.


Sideboard with Chalkboard



Sideboard Vignette Ideas:


Mirrors– Hang it above the sideboard or lean it against the wall.

Lamps– Either place one at each end or use a single one for an asymmetrical look.

Candles– Mood lighting for dining!

Plants– A little extra life adds richness and depth to the room.

Vases– Group different sizes together and fill them with water or flowers.

Dishes– Whether a special vintage piece or your coffee cups, dishware can be pretty and necessary.

Art– Hang it or lean it!

A Clock– Be careful with this one, you want to dine freely and at great length, if a clock will inhibit this, choose something else!

Typography– I just love letters. Add them tastefully wherever you can.


Sideboard with Plant

Elements of Style Blog

Quirky wallpaper never hurt anyone, at least not till hindsight or retrospect kicks in!! I love how this sideboard has so much on it but everything is in it’s place.


Sideboard with Glass Accents and Mirror

Decor By Christine


I like the style of this dark wood sideboard for Raman. For Raman’s dining room, I would hang a mirror above it, add a cute lamp and a big K and something that Raman loves, to complete the look.


Sideboard with Typography



Elegant sideboards can be achieved with careful attention to detail. Placement, arrangement, who goes with what and where and why. Who belongs to who? Does this delicate vintage vase look best with a modern picture frame with a contemporary photograph? Why, sure, anything goes. Mix and match. Reconfigure. Let your heart reveal it’s true nature. Let it break again and again for if the beauty was fleeting at least it was. And it may come round again. Flex and stretch and move said items around with fluidity, no time for rigidity.


Sideboard with Flanking Lamps



As the seasons pass, if you tire of the design, look to the details, they can be moved. Miniscule details, like a glint in someone’s eyes. For as long as I can remember my dad used to tell me before I was born, I was a glint in his eye. Sweet right? Those glimmering glints mean something. Emulate this glint with glass and mirror and reflection and remember: when something of great beauty touches you, embrace it with clear eyes and an open heart. Numbers don’t matter, hearts do. I would literally follow an ideal to the ends of the earth. Without a map or a precedent, even in open waters. Blind territory riddled with obstacles and the obstacles wouldn’t matter, would they? Am I still talking about sideboards? You tell me.


For the elegant sideboard itself you can choose a traditional piece of furniture intended for this use or if you are DIY savvy, look for something you can paint, distress or stain to your own liking. And if you are super savvy, or you have a super savvy helper you can designate your fanciful plans to and expect a decent translation, you could even build one yourself. For a halfway point, look somewhere like Ikea where you can find a plain unadorned piece of furniture which can be painted and dressed with details like knobs and such.

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