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October 2nd, 2012

Painted Chair Ideas

Mismatched Chairs

I am so in love with the fabric choice on these beauties as viewed at Design Sponge! The houndstooth print marries the curves and ornate details of each of these chairs and makes them look like a set. An unconventional set, yes, but a set. I am seriously going to hit Kijiji after this because I want to create my own version of a dining table with painted chairs.


Red Legged Chairs

Image via Indulgy

I mean, really, aren’t these kinds of chairs a dime a dozen? Standard wooden chairs can be made uber-elegant with this dipped leg look. So many possibilities for colour. You could also change the look with cushions and change them with the season or when the mood strikes.


Aqua Dining Room Chairs

Image via Apartment Therapy

While I understand the need for division, isn’t unification so much better? These chairs are really nothing alike, misfits in fact, but, paint them the same colour and Voila! I like the addition of the stool here and would even take it a step further and put a small table or another stool in a corner with a plant on it. Painted chair ideas come in many shades, but I am drawn to the aqua variations as per usual!


Red Chairs Aqua Table

Image via House of Turquoise

Adorable! This table showcases two sets of chairs all painted red. The striped fabric is a cute choice but for me, polka dots or chevrons would be optimal. The contrast between the table and chairs is a lovely bright balance.


Aqua Dining Room Chairs

Image via Pinterest


This just goes to show you that you can choose a chair with a fabulous silhouette like these guys or a plain Jane set of old wooden chairs and achieve noteworthy results! I am torn between which ones I love best! What do you think?