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July 10th, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom and Banquette Seating

Cheery Banquette

Via Caitlin Creer Interiors


I have been a fan of Wes Anderson‘s films forever. The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my all-time favourites. A movie so visually appealing Design Sponge featured it as one of their Living In segments. And Moonrise Kingdom, Anderson’s newest film about two 12-year-olds who fall in love and run away together– was awesome! The whole film was so Wes Anderson, from the costumes to the cinematography, to the quirky family, and of course Bill Murray. It is a must-see as far as I am concerned! The only thing missing was a token Wilson. Also, I want to read every single one of the books Suzy was reading. How campy! Now, without further ado, let’s talk about banquettes!


Gray and Turquoise Banquette

Via Amaroso Design 


One day, I hope to have a kitchen that will welcome banquette seating with wide open arms. There are so many beautiful ways you can incorporate this type of seating into your home. Whether you build it yourself or have someone build it for you, work with your available space and design something you can sink into to dine by candlelight or sip coffee by the morning sun.


Rustic Banquette

Via The Estate of Things


10 Things I Love About Banquette Seating


1. Esthetics is first on my list because I absolutely love the way they look.


2. It creates additional seating in an area where you may have placed only two chairs you might have room for three or four seats.


3. Less room is required around the table. Chairs require extra room for sliding in and out of the table. With a banquette, the seat is against a wall and the table is placed right snug alongside it.


4. Storage space can be built into the seat, the frame itself or at each end. Depending on the placement of the banquette, you might also gain some display area along the top of the backrest.


5. Banquette seating is a fantastic excuse to introduce a lovely graphic print into your dining space.


Black Banquette

Via Carrie Hayden


6. You can create a nook in a corner of your kitchen or take advantage of an empty area and extend the banquette along a wall.


7. This type of seating works with any shape of table—square, round, rectangular.


8. Less chairs are required, which means you can either spend a little more and pick the ones you really REALLY want! Or you can spend a little extra time and care on re-purposing or upcycling old chairs.


9. DIY-abled people can save some money and create and build their own version of a banquette. Everyone else can hire a carpenter and show him or her your ideas! I have seen banquettes designed with anything from kitchen cabinetry to low bookshelves, the options are endless and ever so exciting.


10. A banquette can be placed in front of a window without obstructing it which means you can maximize your space and the features within it!



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January 16th, 2012

Winter Blues Cures: Glass Globes and Chandeliers

Winter has kicked in, with temperatures plummeting into deep freeze. Luckily we managed to get out on the weekend to see the Ice on Whyte Festival, before the snow blew in. As we were leaving the festival it started snowing and it snowed all night bringing with it a seasonably January chill. Buried are the icy plains we’ve had for weeks and weeks, covered by a fresh coating of pure white. Pristine powder in the trees. While we aren’t exactly snowed in, I would rather not leave the house on such a frightfully cold, minus forty kind of day!


Back to the Ice Festival, my favourite ice sculpture was a pillar with a round bulb on top of it. I think I could have stood there a long while watching the warbled traffic pass behind it, if the little ones weren’t off and running. It made me think of all the glass globe chandeliers and other lighting fixtures I have come across lately with clear glass, bulbous vessels. I love the simplicity and the sparkle this type of lighting conveys to a room.

Ice on Whyte Festival Ice Sculpture


Indoor activities are of utmost importance to ward off the onset of cabin fever. How long will the deep freeze last? Who knows!!! Here are some ideas that have brightened my wintered day:


  • Browse Apartment Therapy to look at said chandeliers.
  • And a trip to Etsy to gaze at this globular pendant light.


Image courtesy of Lucent Lampworks on Etsy


I would love to hang a light fixture like one of these in a room with a window so the light filters and reflects even when the light is off. For those of you with some fierce DIY ambition I found a lovely tutorial at Small Notebook on how to build your own Glass Bubble Chandelier.


  • I just started reading The Quick and the Dead by Joy Williams, and I plan to pair it with many, many mugs of tea.
  • I will also daydream another scene or two for my novel, which is in stage two of editing.
  • Build pillow forts with the boys and wistfully dream of warmer months filled with gardening and outdoor entertaining.

Any ideas for winter blues cures for a blustery day like this?  What would you do?