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January 8th, 2016

4 Dramatic Bedrooms and How to Cozy Up Your Own

Christine Dovey

So all I really want is to sleep and dream the rest of the winter away and hibernate like a little bear. Yet, instead of napping any chance I get I have been at the gym. Which, is GOOD, andĀ BETTER, I suppose but this morning, looking at these beautiful rooms…messy bed + excess pillows + dramatic mood = daydream bliss. Don’t you love my formulas?


Still working on organization this month, one room at a time. I have even streamlined my book collection! That is big news. I have been holding onto every book I have ever read for too long. I am aiming for minimalism, my own take on it of course. I do love stuff. But pretty stuff. Lovely stuff. Necessary stuff.

Pop Sugar

Back to these dramatic bedrooms! How cozy. So the question is, how do we distill the essence of these gorgeous rooms into our own homes? Layers. Dreamy layers. Are you daring enough to paint a dark wall? Navy, black, charcoal, dark? I mean look at the results. If not, that’s ok. How about dark curtains, less commitment, rivaling drama. Next, we need lots of pillows. I currently have twelve on my bed, but you do what you need to do.

Apartment Therapy

Quilts, coverlets and throws can all be draped across the end of your bed too. Think of different textures. Faux fur, chunky knitted blankets, there are even some beautifully texture chenille throws in the market right now. I had, key word here, had, a very soft one on my bed until my son claimed it for himself and named it Fifi. Cute right? Well if, like me, you are too busy to nap away your January and are instead overcome with action, take heart. You can always create a dramatic bedroom so when there is down time you are ready to dream, dream, dream.