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August 3rd, 2016

5 Reasons You Need a Statement Mirror in Your Dining Room

I am obsessed with the eclectic look of this first picture. In fact, when I started this post, I immediately went out to search for deep red dahlias. Instead I found Gerber daisy’s of the same colour, which gave my room a much needed jolt of red. Thank you Architectural Digest for sharing this beautiful room that belongs to David Jimenez from Hallmark Cards.

So I had this whole post written about why you should hang a statement mirror in your dining room but the simple truth is that it will look awesome and you should do it. The end. But that doesn’t make for very interesting reading does it? Do you need some backstory? What should I tell you? How amazing this summer has been so far? How exciting it is to be surrounded by inspiring people, furniture and my beautiful children? Or maybe I should tell you about my love of hot yoga and how finishing a long day with breath and awareness brings sweetness to my life? Or maybe you want to know about the stillness that leaves me enchanted as I move through these beautiful days and nights? How about what I’m reading, watching, listening to?

Inspiration is everywhere and you will see it trickle into this little online space bit by bit over the next little while. But enough about me, let’s let your curiosity simmer a little and focus on the decor!

My five reasons you should hang a mirror in your dining room are: drama, reflection, ambiance, architectural elements and to add polish. And I’ll tell you why…

Kate Marker Interiors

For Drama: A single large scale mirror can add instant drama to a dining space and create a sense of mood. There’s just something almost bewitching about a big beautiful mirror when placed right. I can think of several that made a room stand out to me. One was in a house in Vancouver (an enormous one with an ornate wooden frame), another in a restaurant in Toronto (hung somewhat precariously above the tables where we sat) and countless others.

For Reflection: Whether the mood of the room is light and airy, colourful or brooding, the mirror will bounce light – both natural and artificial around the room. It will also add depth and perspective to the room and make it feel bigger.

For Ambiance: Think of those cozy winter nights, lights dimmed, dining with family and friends! Although we are mid-summer right now, nights like this are not far off. For me, candles are a must, any time of the year. With a mirror in the dining room all that dim moody light can dance through the mirror too.


For an Architectural Element: Last summer when I was exploring furniture stores in Toronto there was this store that had three tall beautiful mirrors that looked like cathedral windows against one of the interior walls. It opened the floor right up and acted as an architectural element and I thought (I am so going to use this!). This is an especially great idea for newer homes which may be short on architecture. Hang a group of them together and see what happens.

For Polish: Honestly, a mirror adds a little glitter, a little polish, a little bit of a finish to any room you hang one in, but dining rooms are special in the sense that we entertain in them. Special dinners, holidays and birthdays are often celebrated in your cozy little dining room and you want the room to reflect that (literally), hence the polish and finishing details like the lovely mirror.

And there you have it. Some solid reasons you should add a statement mirror to your dining room. Now wait! Where should you hang it? How about above your sideboard? Work with the fixed elements in the room like windows and entrances and you will find the right spot, I promise!

Happy decorating!


January 30th, 2013

Upholstered Beds for a Boy or Girl

Kid's Upholstered Bed Gray and White

IHeart Organizing


Winter is upon us in full force. I find it hard to keep warm when this portion of the world is brittle and unforgiving! Winter, winter, cold, snow. On Tuesday we woke up to a cool -42 degrees Celsius. Yes, you read that correct. Winter in Edmonton at its finest. So what is a girl to do but think about the move (yes, the house is for sale) and new configurations for the future. The boys have been begging to share a room and I am entertaining the thought, but I am not convinced. I have been looking at different options for beds including upholstered ones. Upholstered beds for a boy or girl as seen here can be tailored to suit any room depending on the fabric you choose for upholstering and the colour scheme of the room.


Cottages and Gardens 


Upholstered beds are everywhere right now, which is great if you are looking for your own variation. Some ideas include purchasing one, modifying a simple store bought bed or creating an upholstered headboard which you can hang on the wall. All of the options result in a custom look which I absolutely love. My favourite look so far is the twin upholstered beds placed side by side. So cute!


Kid's Upholstered Beds in Navy

Pottery Barn 


I think there are three factors that make an upholstered bed irresistible. The fabric is first and foremost because it catches your eye right away. Especially if you use a bright colour or a bold pattern or a mix of the two.


Kid's Colourful Upholstered Bed



Second, is the shape of the headboard. The classic rectangular look is appealing in a classic sort of way. But I love curved and scalloped edges. Even a rigid geometric pattern looks great.


Kid's Upholstered Bed Green

The Shabby Nest 


And third, is detail. Details like tufting, monograms, nail head trims and accessorizing. Using the upholstery fabric elsewhere in the room can tie things together in a neat little succinct way. However, if you use it everywhere you might achieve that ‘fabric was on sale’ look or the ‘a little too homemade’ look. There are fine lines. Tread softly.


Kid's Upholstered Bed in White

Serena and Lily 


Whether the boys end up sharing a room or maintaining their own rooms, upholstered beds are definitely an option. I love how you can modify them to suit a boy’s room or a girl’s room depending on the variables chosen. It is best to exercise all of the options while I figure out this next phase! What do you think? Shared room or private rooms?


Kid's Upholstered Twin Beds



Thankfully this cold snap is ending tomorrow which will make life so much easier to live.  Cabin fever be gone! Click on the link beneath the first photo for a tutorial on how to make an upholstered bed if you are so inclined to dream one up!

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July 3rd, 2012

Canada Day at Dreaming of June

Canada Day Sunset in Edmonton's River Valley

My crazy busy Canada Day weekend has ended and left me with a lovely overcast day of summertime fun with the kids. We bought and planted some petunias and some hot pink geraniums, made macaroni and cheese for supper using Ina Garten’s recipe with a few of our own modifications and did some errands. My friend Raman has inspired me to cook dinner earlier in the day (something she does all the time, how organized I say!!) and what freedom it is to just pop that dish in the oven and make a quick salad!


The weekend was fleeting, watched a few movies– 21 Jump Street for laughs and Happy Happy a quiet little Norwegian movie about two couples in a wintry albeit adulterous landscape. Went out with my friend Sara for an appetizer extravaganza at the Blue Plate Diner, went to see Edmonton’s fireworks display, did a 6.5km walk with my Dad and relaxed a little in between. It was a great weekend.


In decor related news, my Matilda Ikea curtains were spotted yet again in Happy Happy. That is the second time I have spotted them cinematically. The first time was in this super freaky Australian flick I Am You, based on a true story about a maniacal ex-babysitter who murders a young girl and attempts to assume her identity. Ikea is so global its neat to see them pop up here and there in unlikely places.

White Ikea Curtains


The kidlets managed to stay awake until the 11pm for the Canada Day fireworks show without a hitch. And by hitch, I mean mini meltdowns from being up way past bedtime! We woke up to ominous gray clouds and it rained all day, which canceled our picnic, but luckily the clouds passed and the sky cleared and it turned out to be a gorgeous night to be in the river valley celebrating what a great country we have.


I have been working on adding more DIY projects to DOJ, and have decided on a decoupage cookie jar project to update an existing jar I have. Now I just have to decide on the colour and the pattern. My kitchen is red with all black and white and silver accents, but I am thinking of introducing some blue or yellow accents to shake things up a bit. Another choice is whether to work with paper or fabric. I have decoupaged with paper, but never fabric and I can’t wait to. I watched this tutorial on Mod Podge Rocks and she made it look easy enough! So we shall see!

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