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August 7th, 2012

Alice Through the Looking Glass Baubles

Through the Looking Glass Ring

Moon Faces Via Etsy


I just love Etsy, where else can you find something to satisfy your literary and shiny pretty thing urges at the exact same time? Alice in Wonderland has always been a favourite tale of mine and Alice Through the Looking Glass is second to it. Wouldn’t you love to step through a glass into a magical world of wonder? I know I would, especially wearing one of these! This collection of Alice through the looking glass baubles vary in format, but they all have a whimsical, playful quality.


And if you need your decor fix too, check out Alice in Wonderland inspired decor. Or, you can check out Alice in Wonderland themed restaurants right here.

Through the Looking Glass Images

Images By the Book Via Etsy


Through the Looking Glass Charm Necklace

 The Bijou Babe Via Etsy



Through the Looking Glass Faceted Necklace

That Old Blue House 2 Via Etsy


Antique Looking Glass in Brass Casing

Meanglean Via Etsy


The Looking Glass Necklace

Faeried Treasures Via Etsy 

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February 24th, 2012

Vinyl Decal Ideas

 Green room with white vinyl decals.

Vinyl decals have come a long way towards embracing modern trend and design and have become an ideal decorating tool for amping up the decor of your home or office. Modern decals are exciting! With a range of patterns and colours, vinyl decals can be used anywhere you deem fit to add personality and a pop of visual interest.




Byrdie Graphics has an Etsy store filled with modern designs you can plaster all over the place. And courtesy of Natalie, Byrdie Graphics is offering DOJ readers a 15% discount on the decals in their store! Thanks Natalie! Don’t forget to mention you saw Byrdie Graphics’ decals here at DOJ and enter code BLOGGER15 at checkout.





                                                          Images courtesy of Byrdie Graphics.




Add one large decal to spice up an entry way, combine a series of decals to create a vignette over your sofa or mantel or treat an entire wall to a decal makeover. Another idea is to create a panel of decals to bridge the space between two rooms. The benefits of decals, you might ask? Vinyl decals are self-adhesive and peel right off the wall when you are finished with them. This means you can change them when you move, for the season or on a whim. It is also a great way to add detail to your home when renting a space.




I would love to use decals in a nursery, because you can change them as your child grows without having to repaint or stencil large areas of the room. Change out the old decals with some new ones when the time comes. Tree forms are a popular choice for kid’s rooms, but you can look for other images or have one custom designed according to your child’s interests.



You can also use vinyl decals to give old furniture a new lease on life. A headboard, the seat of an old wooden chair, an armoire, a dresser, and a coffee table would all do well with a decal or two strategically placed. I think the damask and Morroccan style patterns would be a fun addition to white kitchen cabinets. Where will you place the decals?


February 13th, 2012

Modern Pottery: JD Wolfe Pottery



If you are looking for some heart shaped lovelies on this Valentine’s Day, look no further than these sweet heart shaped nesting bowls. On Etsy today I found JD Wolfe Pottery, a modern pottery shop that makes unique pieces inspired by Scandinavian designs. Designs range from heart shaped bowls (perfect for this time of year), cloud shaped dessert plates and other wonderfully whimsical polka dotted pieces. Each piece of pottery is handmade and lovely!




For most people decorating the home is an ongoing process. A process of adding new items when the time is right or when you see that special something you just can’t live without. In the kitchen, decor takes on functionality. The decorative items you find and love are often the very things that are used every day. Whether you entertain frequently or are apt to dining with family, modern pottery offers a range of decorative possibilities to include in your dishware rotation.


I can imagine fluffy pastel cupcakes or sweet lemon curd tarts on those cloud plates!