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December 11th, 2012

Holiday Decorating with Branches

Branch Decor with Reindeer

Plush Palate


Rustic elegance is what comes to mind when branches and baubles come together! Whether you paint the branches or leave them natural, branches can be embellished to add to your holiday decorating scheme. Holiday decorating with branches can be tailored to any home.


Branch Decor White Room

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Ideas for Incorporating Branches this Holiday Season


  • Cluster painted branches into a hurricane vase in shades like turquoise, white or red
  • Hang a branch above your dining room table and decorate it with Christmas bulbs
  • Decorate a single branch with baubles and use it as a centerpiece or for a side table


Branch Decor Green Glass Bottles

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I love that this look is a perfect marriage between rustic wilderness and refined elegance. The holiday twist makes it work for a variety of spaces. Dress it up with ribbons, shiny ornaments and glittery glass or dress it down with twine and handmade ornaments.


Branch Decor Aqua Table

Country LivingĀ 

Well what doesn’t look better with a bright pop of teal. Can I please have dinner here??



I love how the pedestal is reaching up to the glass bulbs. So pretty. The varying sizes of the bulbs creates a perfect balance of visual interest. Have fun holiday decorating with branches.