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December 21st, 2015

Happily Ever After: Decorating Resolutions



As I look around this little condo the boys and I have lived in since we sold the house, it amazes me how far it has come along. Like the fireplace pictured above. I stared at it for the longest time before deciding to paint it. And one day, I just. Couldn’t. Take. One. More. Minute. Of the 1980’s bricks! And how fabulous and fresh it looks now.


But I ask myself will the condo ever be finished to my liking? My answer is no! An emphatic, resounding, happy no! Our lives are busy and ever changing, as is the décor of our home. It reflects our tastes and our lifestyle. As hectic, craft-induced, magazine and book loving as it is, we wade through it all happily designing the days as they pass.


My decorating resolution for the year is to edit, revise and rewrite a second draft for our home so that when we leave the condo by the lake, we leave it better than we found it, and ready so ready, for our next decorating adventure. Which means I may just paint the kitchen cupboards after all, and a few other things seeing as I have the paint brush out.


I’m reading ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’ right now. I have always been all about bringing items (whether furniture, art or accessories) into the home that make you happy, but I love the whole concept cited in the book of removing anything from the home that doesn’t make your heart happy! All those books I’ll never read again. All those clothes we will never wear again. If you too are looking for a topic for your décor aspirations for the year, I recommend reading it.


Every time I finish a DIY project, I’m all, ‘Ok! That’s it! No more projects. And then I start another one. So another portion of my décor resolution is to start manageable projects with appropriate time frames, so that I can fit them into what little time I have.


Ideas for 2016:

  • Wallpaper something, anything!
  • Repurpose something
  • Reupholster dining room chairs
  • Buy a new house and paint it wild yet muted colours to match the powder blue sofa!


In the condo, all my decorating aspirations have been cosmetic, but there is still so much fun you can have in a cosmetic way! So, friends, what about you? Maybe you need to paint a room, install new flooring, wallpaper something… Perhaps you need new furniture, updated lighting or to hang a gallery wall. Its going to be an exciting year here at Dreaming of June. Lots of ideas and bright inspiration, so bear with me through these busy times and we will have some fun and see where all these resolutions take us.


And through this dreamy little holiday season, remember that maybe what you need most of all is to carve out more time with your loved ones in your sweet, beautiful home, because that is what we all need a little more of. Time together. In our very own version of a happily ever after.