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January 17th, 2012

The Great Milk Glass Incident

It was a party day, Thanksgiving in fact, which meant the house was a flurry of activity. When the boys ran upstairs while I was chopping, dicing, stirring, checking and, you know, all that ‘cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for fourteen people stuff ‘ I enjoyed the silence for a minute. Knowing they can’t be left long on their own, I told myself I would finish the task at hand and go up to see what they were doing.


And then I heard one of those earth shattering crashes that make a mother’s heart skip ten beats, followed by a scream. Upstairs, I found the boys, frozen, at the tail end of a good bed jumping session, fear in their eyes at the catastrophe all the jumping had caused. The boys were clearly fine, traumatized by the crash, but otherwise fine.


There had been a large mirror resting on top of the dresser, with an oversized jewelry box in front of it and a milk glass pedestal bowl on top of that. Repeated jumping caused the mirror to kick everything off of the dresser. The mirror smashed (seven years anyone?) and the beloved milk glass dish shattered into many, many pieces.


This is the exact one that broke!!

Milk glass is elegant by its delicate nature and can be used to add contrast against a colourful backdrop, or used to add texture and detail to an all white colour scheme. It comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, most commonly mixing bowls. Decorative pieces were commonly used for fruit bowls and planters. The one that broke rested against a stormy gray-blue wall in a room with white and silver accents. For more decorating inspiration check out Lily Jane.


I have other milk glass vessels, but this one was my favourite. The whole thing was beauty itself. Pristine white glass with ornate decoration. Tiny dots and tulips. It was large enough to hold odds and ends, but small enough to retain its small stature. Not to mention it was the same vessel Sookie Stackhouse has in the living room of her home in Bon Temps on the show True Blood.


Another fave, this one still intact!


I still have all the pieces from the catastrophe, but I am doubtful if it will ever regain some semblance of what it used to be. Has anyone had luck with gluing the broken? Looks like I will be heading over to Etsy to find a replacement pieceĀ at the Down East Attic. The original was a serendipitous find at a secondhand store, but it will be no less lovely if I find it again online!