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August 14th, 2012

A Little Chandelier Love

Chelsea Chandelier

Chelsea Chandelier via Layla Grayce

Chandeliers can be exquisite like a precious jewel or colourful and fun like costume jewelry. In fact, a chandelier is like jewelry for your home! This type of lighting can be used to glam up any room in the house. From the laundry room, to the bathroom, to the living room and the bedrooms. And don’t forget the foyer! I think we have all viewed a stunning jewel draped chandelier in a foyer, haven’t we?

Clear Florence Chandelier

Clear Florence Chandelier via Layla Grayce

The chandeliers above remind me of ribbon candy or spun sugar.


5 Reasons a chandelier might be just the thing for you:

  • It will bounce light around the room
  • It creates visually appealing shadows and light reflections for cozy nights of entertaining
  • It acts as a focal point
  • It will automatically dress up any space
  • It will make you smile because it is a finishing detail, which means your room is probably finished and you can finally enjoy it!


Fabian Chandelier

Fabian Chandelier via Layla Grayce

This glittery baubled-up baby is just so pretty! I want like five of these so I can hang them everywhere I look to.


Sarah Chandelier in Butter

Sarah Chandelier in Butter via Layla Grayce

How great would this one look in a dove-gray room with a trellis pattern stencilled on the walls? Gray, white and yellow loveliness.


Constellation Chandelier

Constellation Chandelier via Layla Grayce


I love the patina and the silhouette of this chandelier. I think it would look special in a bedroom. Lighting can transform your room from one state to another depending on the choices you make. Always consider the type of activities going on in the room you place a chandelier in, to determine how much light is required. As always, choose one that makes your heart swell with the beauty of it and all else will fall into place. That works with everything, doesn’t it?