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August 14th, 2012

A Little Chandelier Love

Chelsea Chandelier

Chelsea Chandelier via Layla Grayce

Chandeliers can be exquisite like a precious jewel or colourful and fun like costume jewelry. In fact, a chandelier is like jewelry for your home! This type of lighting can be used to glam up any room in the house. From the laundry room, to the bathroom, to the living room and the bedrooms. And don’t forget the foyer! I think we have all viewed a stunning jewel draped chandelier in a foyer, haven’t we?

Clear Florence Chandelier

Clear Florence Chandelier via Layla Grayce

The chandeliers above remind me of ribbon candy or spun sugar.


5 Reasons a chandelier might be just the thing for you:

  • It will bounce light around the room
  • It creates visually appealing shadows and light reflections for cozy nights of entertaining
  • It acts as a focal point
  • It will automatically dress up any space
  • It will make you smile because it is a finishing detail, which means your room is probably finished and you can finally enjoy it!


Fabian Chandelier

Fabian Chandelier via Layla Grayce

This glittery baubled-up baby is just so pretty! I want like five of these so I can hang them everywhere I look to.


Sarah Chandelier in Butter

Sarah Chandelier in Butter via Layla Grayce

How great would this one look in a dove-gray room with a trellis pattern stencilled on the walls? Gray, white and yellow loveliness.


Constellation Chandelier

Constellation Chandelier via Layla Grayce


I love the patina and the silhouette of this chandelier. I think it would look special in a bedroom. Lighting can transform your room from one state to another depending on the choices you make. Always consider the type of activities going on in the room you place a chandelier in, to determine how much light is required. As always, choose one that makes your heart swell with the beauty of it and all else will fall into place. That works with everything, doesn’t it?

March 30th, 2012

Modern Kitchen

Part One

Blue Accent Kitchen courtesy of


Perusing design magazines the other day, I dreamt up a recipe for creating the perfect modern kitchen. Whether you want to renovate your existing kitchen or design one from scratch, it is common to feel overwhelmed with the sheer array of possibilities. From cabinets and counter tops to flooring and textiles, building your dream kitchen can become a maelstrom of design elements. Step away from the chaos! Breathe. Once you purge the chaos, sit quietly and close your eyes. Try to imagine how you want your kitchen to feel and create your own recipe for a perfect modern kitchen!


The modern kitchen, like the one pictured above from, contains several elements which you will, at some point, need to address and consider. Ask yourself at each crossroad whether your choice will fulfill the style dream you have determined for you space.


Kitchen Architecture


Architecture can make or break a space depending on how the space is designed. Crown moldings will add a finishing detail especially if you consider the details of the cabinetry when choosing a style. The colour you choose to paint the crown moldings will alter the look as well. Other architectural elements to think about include built-ins, window casings, paneling and wainscoting. Ideas for built-ins include bench seating, a desk, and shelving. Unify the look of the kitchen and finish all your projects with the same trim and colour scheme. Wainscoting and paneling can be used throughout the kitchen or you can use this architectural feature to define an unused area.


Natural Elements in the Kitchen


Stone and wood offer warmth and distinction to any kitchen design. For a dark masculine look, choose medium to dark wooden cabinets with black or chocolate granite counter tops. Or lighten the look and choose white cabinets with granite or quartz counters in a soft colour like white or beige. Quartz counter tops come in a wide range of colours. Experiment with samples of lime green quartz, white quartz with mirror flecks and other vibrant colours. Choose the most beautiful counter top you can find and afford as it is a fixed element you will likely be living with for many years to come.


Modern Kitchen Colours


Modern kitchens often include a pop of bold, fresh colour. The good news is that any colour goes. Current colour choices include Kelly green, cerulean, oxblood red, lemon and tangerine. One idea is to paint a single wall in your chosen hue, even a wall with limited surface space, as the colour is sure to make a statement in any dose. Tie the colour into the room elsewhere with accessories, appliances, textiles, dishware and personal items like knick-knacks. Paint the rest of the room in a complementary neutral colour with bright white trim. Or, introduce some colour with a feature wall in a graphic wallpaper print.


Another idea is to flip the colour scheme inside out and paint only the trim, crown moldings and window casings in your colour of choice. Think cherry red in an all white color scheme, for instance. You can always add more of this juicy shade into the mix with a vase of red dahlias, some red and white damask chair cushions and a series of red drum pendants hanging above the island or table.


Glass Accents


Glass can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen to add sparkle. Used as an insert for kitchen cabinets, glass choices are numerous and a wonderful way to add delicate detail. Bubbled glass, crackled glass, reeded glass and many other designs are available. With properly positioned lighting, glass is a detail that will provide elegance. Imitate the glass in your choice of glassware. Another idea is to create a glass partition to divide one space from another.


Next week I will conclude with the final elements required to create a modern kitchen. Stay tuned!

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