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February 6th, 2012

Purple Bedroom Ideas

Before moving into our current home I had deep purple visions of a mauve and purple master bedroom. Visions that were plastered in silver and lilac damask wallpaper. Visions framed with light and accented with soft heather gray in wool and linen and silk. Visions that were not masculine enough. Visions that were quickly vetoed. I moved on, not without a proper pouty face of course, and chose a mid-range blue with smoky gray undertones. I love the chosen colour, and it works beautifully with the white and silver accents I have added. While I am perfectly delighted with it, every now and then those dusky purple visions come back to haunt me!


There are so many fantastic ways to include this hue in any room of your home. Modern shades of purple can be found in bright colours fit for a child’s room, sophisticated shades you could use in a den or an office and a range of colours for living and dining spaces. As always when working with colour, bring home swatches and samples (whatever your preference) to gauge what light levels will do to your chosen colour. I suggest beginning with swatches to narrow it down and then go back and get samples for your top choices.

Countless options exist for introducing bright colours into your bedroom, like the gorgeous bedroom pictured above from Home Creat. You can add bits and pops of it here and there or you can go large and create a monochromatic look. A monochromatic purple bedroom is a commitment, and I recommend that you must have a sheer and uncomplicated love for the colour purple if you choose this path. Otherwise purple it up with a few of these ideas! And check out Color Sizzle and Apartment Therapy for further purple bedroom ideas.


Paint Ideas


Experiment with the idea of purple paint and paint all the trim in your bedroom. Purple trim will punctuate the space with bold colour and lend it some personality. If you decide you love it, paint the entire room in the same shade or use it as a gateway to introduce more of the twilight hue through bedding or accessories. Palest hues of indigo or lilac can be paired with other colours such as grass green, stark white and pops of cherry red. Design a pattern for the walls using one colour of paint and a glaze. For instance, horizontal stripe details, honeycomb patterns and damask patterns. Use a stencil for intricate patterns and use painter’s tape to mark the lines for stripe painting. Once the glaze is painted over the colour you will see it as different levels of light grace the walls.




I love wallpaper. Love it. Modern patterns are abundant in the purple palette and can be used many ways. The most obvious is to wallpaper the whole room with a purple printed pattern. This application generates a warm, cozy and often dark feeling to a room, suitable for a bedroom or a dining room. A feature wall is a way to experiment with wallpaper in a smaller dose. Try wallpapering the wall behind your bed to draw attention to your headboard. If you want to add architectural detail to your room, create shadow boxes for the walls and wallpaper the inside of them. Space the shadow boxes evenly and symmetrically along the length of the wall. Paint the surrounding walls a lighter tone of purple to soften the look. Another way to add a bold purple wallpaper to your bedroom it to use remnants to wallpaper furniture. One idea is to use a vintage floral wallpaper to paper the inside of an armoire. Wallpaper shelves, drawers or even the top of an old dresser or desk.




Sometimes all you need to freshen up a space is a new set of curtains. Layer panels of curtains to achieve texture or choose one luxurious fabric like silk or velvet to add luxe appeal to the space.    Makeover a set of sheer or lace curtains with purple dye.  Another idea is to add a decorative detail to plain curtain panels. Add purple trim as a band across the bottom or inner edge of the curtain panels or hang a valance above the plain panels.




A piece of purple furniture will set the vibe for the entire room. For an unmistakably bold piece, look for a purple upholstered headboard or an ottoman for the end of the bed. Refinish a wooden bed frame with purple paint (I will show you how to do this in a future post, as we recently refinished a bed that has been in my family for thirty years or more). Bedside tables, dressers, bookshelves and desks can all be reworked in dusky shades of purple. Or, look for a purple fabric in a pattern like trellis, lattice, honeycomb, herringbone or a bold floral and have a chair upholstered for your reading corner.




Accessories are what makes a room come to life and feel like its lived in. Bedding, throw pillows, vases, flowers, art, mirrors, books, candles and perfume bottles and other knick knack-y items will add to the finished look. Layer bedding in different shades of purple and an accent colour. The accent colour you choose will depend on the whole scheme for the room, but some ideas include white, silver, cream or taupe. Add glass and mirror accents to give the room a little sparkle. Remember: this is where you dream, make it special!