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June 22nd, 2012

Blissful Bedroom Designs

Gray and White Bedroom

Via Anne Walpole

A soft, serene bedroom is essential for dreaming up really good dreams! The best bedroom designs have a mixture of soft hues and textures you can sink into slumber with and wake to without being bombarded by a blast of crazy colour, unless of course that is what you are into. Blissful bedroom designs are put together with careful consideration of all the bases.


  • Drapes
  • Bedding
  • Textiles
  • Pillows
  • Wall coverings
  • Lighting
  • Seating


The rooms pictured here all have a neutral base with the addition of light colours, not pastels per se, but white with oatmeal, lavender, blue, gray, silver, taupe and a hint of chocolate here and there. Pattern is slight and often tone on tone in blissful bedrooms. The idea is for the detail to speak to you in a many layered tongue complete with inflections and lilts that might catch your eye as you squint in morning light, or surrender to nighttime glints of light, as you scatter back to dream world when your book drops from your hand and you can resist no more.

Sarah Richardson Design Bedroom

Sarah Richardson Design via Decor Pad

Flowing drapes in a sheer or shimmery fabric allow light to pass and offer the room a sense of motion, especially on summer days when a breeze wafts in.


Bedding when mixed and layered, allows you to inject personality into the room. Check out this post on layered bedding for some ideas on how to create something to suit your own style.

House Beautiful Bedroom

House Beautiful via Decor Pad

Textiles like throw blankets, bed skirts and carpets are another opportunity to add texture and soften the space. Look for fluffy shag carpets, fuzzy wool throws and linen bed skirts to add dimension to your textiles. For colour, choose varying tones in one colour palette and mix them with white.


Pillows can be switched in and out and combined in different ways and in different placements in the bedroom. Places you can expect to use pillows include the bed, the bench at the end of the bed and one on the seat of a chair. Pillows are the perfect place to play with patterns.

Ferreira Design Bedroom

Ferreira Design via Decor Pad

The wall coverings you choose are more of a fixed element, so choose wisely. Whether you choose to wallpaper, paint or devise a combination of the two, many options are available. If your headboard has a flashy sense of detail, opt for plain walls and vice versa.


For lighting, a chandelier is a wonderful option for blissful bedroom designs. Look for something unique to your space. A vintage piece can be painted and rewired or you can look for something new with dangling crystals to capture flecks of light and reflect them back into your space.

Elle Decor White Bedroom

Via Elle Decor

Seating is important in a bedroom. After you put all this vision into your space, you will want a place to reflect and ponder how perfectly you pulled off your vision. A place to unwind, a place to read, a place to meditate. All it takes is one chair, but you can add a chair to each side of the bed or place a bench at the end of the bed to create another seating area.


Once you have addressed each of these elements you will have created a blissful bedroom design of your own. Bonne nuit et fais de beaux reves. Good night and have sweet dreams! XOXO


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