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July 31st, 2012

DIY Vintage Wire Basket Spray-Over

Vintage wire baskets spray painted


What a beautiful day to be painting with spray!! A long time ago, many years, I had all kinds of time to browse thrift stores and markets, yard sales and such. Treasure hunting. I bought two vintage wire basket shapes within a few days of each other. Although I found them at opposite ends of the city, they matched! I have used them to house fruit, books, keys, cards, and all sorts of other stuff. I love the metallic patina, but it is time for a change. For a fresh look, I am going to spray paint the baskets a beautiful pale turquoise, I imagine the baskets in yesteryear’s farmhouse kitchens holding cherries or apples.


I like the idea of unifying small details in the home through the use of colour. All three of the pieces done here will live in my kitchen, which is primarily red, white and black. Pops of pale aqua add interest and make me smile!! I thought about painting them white, but then I saw this colour and went kind of gaga over it. Can you blame me?

Vintage fruit basket prepped for painting

What you need:


Vintage wire basket(s)


Wire brush


A ventilated workspace

A table you can cover with newspaper

Beach rocks to keep the newspaper in place


Vintage wire basket prepped for painting


  • Examine the basket for rust, chipped paint or other debris. Use the wire brush or sandpaper to eliminate rust patches and dirt. My baskets were pretty clean, so a hot sudsy soak did the trick.


  • Wash in warm soapy water.


  • Move the project outdoors for ventilation.


Vintage fruit basket first coat


  • Line the table with newspaper and secure with beach rocks or weights you don’t mind getting discoloured or re-coloured.


  • Read the instructions on your choice of spray paint


Vintage wire basket coat one


  • I turned the square basket upside down to paint the bottom first. The other basket I stood right-side up for the first coat. The Krylon I am using suggests passing over the baskets with a thin layer to cover them evenly and prevent drip marks. This works!


Vintage wire fruit basket spray painted pale aqua


  • If you happened to notice a little metal friend (a metal stand that holds a set of Tarot card coasters) in some of the frames, I decided to paint him too, in order to unify some of the metal in the kitchen.

Spray painted vintage wire baskets

This project didn’t take long, mostly dry time. I love the outcome and I am excited to use them. Another option would be to rough up the surface of the paint to reveal the metal underneath. For now, I like the fresh look of the pale turquoise on the vintage wire basket and the vintage wire fruit basket, but if I want to get all crazy and mix it up, that’ll be the first thing I do. I gotta say, spray paint is fun. Almost too fun. What have you enjoyed spray painting?