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September 11th, 2013

Transom Windows to Adore


And just when I think I’ll have more time, life speeds up! Slow down. My mantra. From this vantage point I feel like I live in a British novel with an indie pop soundtrack, my days surrounded with fabric, my nights filled with mini adventures with the boys. Life is good? Life is great.

Christina Marie Interiors

One of the things I love most about home decor is the way I can fall in love over and over again with the simplest things. A vignette, a sofa, an image, each element holds the capacity to enchant me with it’s is-ness.

Habersham SC

Transom windows have always intrigued me. The exterior ones for their liquid light and the interior ones because they are just plain cool.


And what an opportunity to add some detail. Each of the windows pictured here is different and special in its own way.

Transom Direct

The bottom two are my favourite with their decorative flare. So pretty! As guilty as I feel when gaps of time pass between posts, each one is like coming home. Wiser and more distracted with the beauty out there. Distracted may be the word of the month. Distracted with colour, pattern, decor, sweetness, schedules and a general sense of excitement, perhaps I wear distraction well.


Would you add a transom window to your home if the opportunity was there? I would! For those of us not ready to undergo a transom reno, check out this link on how to create a faux transom window.