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November 1st, 2012

Vintage Crystal Door Knobs

Crystal Door Knobs[Amore, Linguini and Me]


If you have ever lived in an older home, namely ones built in the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s, chances are you have come across vintage crystal door knobs. While the clear crystals are most prevalant (and my favourite!) they were also made in a range of jewel tones like purple, green, amber and blue. Each design is different and most contain a pattern, like a star, in the center of the knob.


Purple Crystal Door Knob



Look for vintage crystal door knobs at estate sales, flea markets, antique stores and garage sales.  They can be used in a variety of ways, first and foremost as door knobs, but if you look beyond the norm, to the translucent beauty of each door knob you will see new and exciting ways to showcase and enjoy them.


Crystal Door Knob on an Iron Base

[Evie Met Hugh]


  • Use vintage crystal knobs to hold messages or old photographs, and visit Petite Michelle Louise to read about her inspiration for creating the message holder. Lovely sentiments!


Crystal Door Knob Message Holders

[Petite Michelle Louise]


  • Refashion one into a hook and hang it by itself, or use a series of crystal knobs to make a hanging jewelry display.


Crystal Door Knob Hooks

[Evie Met Hugh]


  • Make handmade table markers for a wedding or event. Simply mount the crystal knob on a rustic board.


Crystal Door Knob Table Marker

[Wedding Chicks]


  • Curtain tiebacks add a little vintage appeal, perfect for a new house.


Crystal Door Knob Curtain Tie Back

 [The Hunted Interior]


Vintage crystal knobs range in price depending on quality, colour and condition. For a DIY project look for inexpensive variations you can manipulate to include in your design.