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July 7th, 2016

Pattern: Wallpapered Bathrooms

My Domaine

Thank goodness, wallpaper has been brought back to life! Don’t you love it? Every now and then when wallpaper comes up in conversation (as you know it does) someone will question my love of it. It seems we all have our associations and aversions with things we grew up with. And wallpaper, in some circles, has a bad rap! Some gaudy room wallpapered to the nines no doubt. Or perhaps a wallpaper removal incident? I encounter this with furniture all the time and I find it fascinating. Our homes, and the way we decorate them, shapes our lives in a way that sticks with us. It is, after all the backdrop where we make many of our memories right?


I mean look at the gorgeous printed papers in this little post. The bathroom or powder room is not always the favourite room in our homes, but adding a splash of graphic wallpaper sure helps place it in the running. Due to its smaller square footage why not have fun with it and introduce a wild print that you wouldn’t consider in one of the larger rooms in your home.

Suburban Faux Pas

Today I wanted to look at black, white and/or gray wallpapers for a few different reasons. First: impact. As soon as you open the door the nature of each of these patterns immediately grabs your attention. And second, colour trends can be played with in the accessories with flexibility throughout each season or whenever you want a fresh look. Think pretty hand towels, art work or fresh flowers.

Elle Décor

Even if you don’t want to paper the entire bathroom in wild patterns you could also achieve the same type of impact with a feature wall. And paint the rest of the room in a complementary colour. But I say live a little. Go for it. Wallpaper the whole room.


July 27th, 2012

Villa Nova Wallcoverings

Luckily, the week is nearing an end! After the dramatic week I have had I will welcome the weekend as a new beginning. A harbinger of hope. There is an eerie quiet in my heart today as old structures fall to the wayside.

Villa Nova Tiku Wallcovering

Things I am thankful for this week:


Getting caught in the rain

Dear friends (Sara-that means you!!)

A fresh page in a new chapter

True family

Kind words

Kind smiles

People who share in my vision to create inspiration, peace and positivity


And wallcoverings of course!!!


Villa Nova wallcoverings were inspiration enough to put a smile on my face! What about you? I seem to be gravitating towards green and blue palettes these days. Breezy summer getaways in mind. The Tiku wallcovering, pictured above, is a graphic wonderland of swirly images in a beautiful pale palette punctuated with black and gray. Sweet and cheery!


Villa Nova Rowan Wallpaper


I love love love the Rowan wallpaper pictured above! It comes in different colours and it is gorgeous in each shade.


Villa Nova High Society Wall Coverings

For a muted look you can layer more saturated colours. The High Society collection of wallcoverings like the Facet version shown here are so pretty. Be sure to take a peek at the Tiffany Cherry!


Villa Nova Hydrangea Wallpaper


And last but not least, my favourite! The Hydrangea wallpaper! Um, I also love the chair, the pillow, the curtain, the carpet and well, the whole look of this beautiful space. My aim for next week? Peaceful rumination, organization and thoughtful encounters with a whole lot of decor-ific glimpses of beauty!

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June 4th, 2012

Wallpapered Desk Area

Wallpapered Room Elle Decor

Every detail in this photo from Elle Decor is pristine. Graphic wallpaper used in small doses is exciting, it adds a fresh perspective and brings life to an area that may have been overlooked without it. A wallpapered desk area is ideal, in that it provides a pretty backdrop for whatever type of creative endaevor you wish to attempt while at your desk. Be it letter writing, reading, writing your next hot novel, or whatever else.


For this wallpaper, I like the ornate quality of the white accents found in the mirror, the lamp shade and the vases. However, those empty shelves would not last long in my house and would be cluttered right up with knick knacks, books and stacks upon stacks of magazines!


To create your own wallpapered desk area, choose a bright, bold, graphic wallpaper that grips you in one way or another. Apply the wallpaper behind the wall your desk will rest against. Layer furniture, accessories and pretty objects in mini vignettes to create a serene modern workspace you will long to escape to.


A wallpapered desk area can be create in any nook or cranny currently not getting the attention it deserves in your home! Ideas for such spaces include under-used closets (just remove the door), armoires (awesome because you can close it up when not in use) and spaces created between oversized pieces of furniture (two bookshelves for instance).



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