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August 28th, 2017

Dramatic Draperies

As many of you know I have been working super ultra extra hard to incorporate a few new things around here. Exciting things like window coverings, services, an ebook, a market place and a whole new look. Re-branding is tough business! But don’t you worry, change is good and I am beyond excited to share it all with you over the coming weeks and months! My vision is changing to encompass all I have learned and developed a passion for in the last few years. And with a change in vision comes an evolution of sorts. I can’t wait to share and hear what you think!

Absolutely Beautiful Things

It is no secret I am absolutely in love with fabric and its various incarnations—furniture, fashion, draperies…you name it! So today I wanted to take a look at some gorgeous flowing and dramatic draperies so you can see where I am coming from and where we are headed to. Textiles, textiles and more textiles.

Caitlin Wilson

For me, draperies finish a room. They punctuate the space with colour and sometimes pattern and soften the space in a way that nothing else can. If you have put your room together and find it lacks a little something special, do some vibrant draperies in a luscious colour or a swoon worthy pattern. The great thing about drapes and curtains is that you can find them at such a wide range of price points you can have fun with it without having to remortgage your house.

Local Milk Blog

And talk about impact. Hang them as high as you can to add drama, drama, drama! As a side note, if hanging curtains isn’t your thing, ask for help from a professional. Often if you are ordering custom drapes they will have an installer on staff. Money well spent. Take it from someone who struggles with this and have it done right, you will be thankful you did.

Bowlers and Buttons

Depending on the space and the traffic in the room you may want the drapes to just barely kiss the floor or you might want them to puddle or pool on the floor a little bit. If you would like to do a sheer curtain beneath your drapes they can be hung in two separate layers or you can do a double rod treatment and hang both.


For rooms where you might want privacy at night or in the bedroom consider blackout options. Draperies can be done with or without blinds as well. Wooden shutter blinds paired with drapes equals bliss. In the right space of course. Another great option is to do natural woven or wood slat blinds paired with curtains. And there are many, many other options.

Tie backs are another fun way to inject detail into your space. A simple band made of the same cloth works just fine, but you can also jazz things up and add fringe, bead work and gems. Gros grain ribbon can be applied as a trim if you want to embellish a solid coloured panel. Or for a little character pom pom fringes are so adorable right now, especially in a kids room or a bathroom. Another idea is to hang a few different panels on the same window, as pictured in the first picture by Galleria Arben and the fifth from Bowlers and Buttons. This is so great with a big window.

Can you see why I’m so excited about diving into draperies? Gorgeous, right? Thanks to all of you, and everyone in my life for bearing with me through all these amazing changes. Now let’s do a window treatment! What room would you like to see with a new window treatment?


August 3rd, 2016

5 Reasons You Need a Statement Mirror in Your Dining Room

I am obsessed with the eclectic look of this first picture. In fact, when I started this post, I immediately went out to search for deep red dahlias. Instead I found Gerber daisy’s of the same colour, which gave my room a much needed jolt of red. Thank you Architectural Digest for sharing this beautiful room that belongs to David Jimenez from Hallmark Cards.

So I had this whole post written about why you should hang a statement mirror in your dining room but the simple truth is that it will look awesome and you should do it. The end. But that doesn’t make for very interesting reading does it? Do you need some backstory? What should I tell you? How amazing this summer has been so far? How exciting it is to be surrounded by inspiring people, furniture and my beautiful children? Or maybe I should tell you about my love of hot yoga and how finishing a long day with breath and awareness brings sweetness to my life? Or maybe you want to know about the stillness that leaves me enchanted as I move through these beautiful days and nights? How about what I’m reading, watching, listening to?

Inspiration is everywhere and you will see it trickle into this little online space bit by bit over the next little while. But enough about me, let’s let your curiosity simmer a little and focus on the decor!

My five reasons you should hang a mirror in your dining room are: drama, reflection, ambiance, architectural elements and to add polish. And I’ll tell you why…

Kate Marker Interiors

For Drama: A single large scale mirror can add instant drama to a dining space and create a sense of mood. There’s just something almost bewitching about a big beautiful mirror when placed right. I can think of several that made a room stand out to me. One was in a house in Vancouver (an enormous one with an ornate wooden frame), another in a restaurant in Toronto (hung somewhat precariously above the tables where we sat) and countless others.

For Reflection: Whether the mood of the room is light and airy, colourful or brooding, the mirror will bounce light – both natural and artificial around the room. It will also add depth and perspective to the room and make it feel bigger.

For Ambiance: Think of those cozy winter nights, lights dimmed, dining with family and friends! Although we are mid-summer right now, nights like this are not far off. For me, candles are a must, any time of the year. With a mirror in the dining room all that dim moody light can dance through the mirror too.


For an Architectural Element: Last summer when I was exploring furniture stores in Toronto there was this store that had three tall beautiful mirrors that looked like cathedral windows against one of the interior walls. It opened the floor right up and acted as an architectural element and I thought (I am so going to use this!). This is an especially great idea for newer homes which may be short on architecture. Hang a group of them together and see what happens.

For Polish: Honestly, a mirror adds a little glitter, a little polish, a little bit of a finish to any room you hang one in, but dining rooms are special in the sense that we entertain in them. Special dinners, holidays and birthdays are often celebrated in your cozy little dining room and you want the room to reflect that (literally), hence the polish and finishing details like the lovely mirror.

And there you have it. Some solid reasons you should add a statement mirror to your dining room. Now wait! Where should you hang it? How about above your sideboard? Work with the fixed elements in the room like windows and entrances and you will find the right spot, I promise!

Happy decorating!


December 21st, 2014

Laurel Wreath Love

Acquired Objects

As if my love of crowns wasn’t enough people! Now I’m enamoured with the laurel wreath. Of course it is the wreathiest time of the year, so its not out of the question that one might come across a few green specimens to admire. But laurel, oh wow, wait till you see the incarnations I have found. I just love it when things come together. You see, the other night, well a week or more ago, I was watching the Mindy Project, have you seen it? It’s so funny. Mindy made a wreath which she called Wreath Witherspoon as it was covered with magazine cutouts of Reese Witherspoon. So funny. And then I saw the vintage laurel award pictured above…and I fell in love a little. Just a little. Look at it. It is gorgeous.

My Shabby Chic House

And what of the history you ask? Well, the origins of the laurel wreath begin with a tragic love story. Greek God Apollo slighted Eros (later known as cupid) who then shot him with a gold tipped arrow so that he would fall in love with Daphne (a nymph), but sadly Daphne was also shot with an arrow. A lead tipped arrow that repelled love. She spent her life running from Apollo until her father turned her into a tree. A laurel of course. So laurel became the symbol of the devastated God. And he often wore it in his hair and bestowed it upon the victors at sporting events etc. Which is why it is used as a symbol of victory.

He and I

And today we incorporate it into our Christmas decor in the form of green wreaths and greeting cards and chalkboard-style printables. The joyful printable pictured above can be printed free of charge if you follow the link. Ok, so new goal: win something so that I am awarded a vintage French laurel wreath award. Now what must I do to win one?

Acquired Objects

Why keep it strictly for the holidays? Let’s combine laurel wreaths with jewelry and see what happens. Well you knew what was coming, didn’t you? Irresistible beauties. If you don’t want to decorate with it,  you could always wear it. A ring? A necklace? Oh my!

Bloomingdales, Scout Mob, White Bird Jewelry

Another interesting fact, many tiaras and crowns have a laurel detail about them. I swear I was a queen in a past life! Happy holidays readers and friends. Be good to one another and may all your wishes come true in the new year and beyond! XOXOXO