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October 14th, 2012

Painted Front Doors

Turquoise Door

Image via 20 State


Shut the Front Door!


I love it when people paint their front door in a wild bright colour. It lets you know ‘fun’ people reside within. Is your front door painted? Are you ‘fun’? I would like to test and prove this theory. In terms of curb appeal, the front door is a pretty important place. You can leave the front door neutral and let it blend in to every other house on your block, or you can paint it and stand out! Painted front doors can give your home a whimsical, polished look especially if you choose to accessorize and style it accordingly.


Yellow Door

Image via Pinterest


When you style your front door consider fixed elements (stair rails, fences, steps, hardware, lighting, house numbers, etc.) and changeable elements which you can switch throughout the year. Changeable items like planters, urns, a welcome mat and other styling props will pull the whole look together. And you can create different vignettes for different seasons and holidays.


Red Door

Image via Houzz


The red door flanked with twin topiaries is just lovely. Red is probably my favourite colour for a front door. It pops out at you more than any other colour, yet it retains a certain sense of classic-ness.


Green Door

Image via This Old House


Not only do I enjoy this painted door because it is the exact colour of my living room walls, but it works well with this whole porch area.


Blue Front Door

Image via The Design Files


Painted front doors like this pretty cerulean blue are a quick fix way to bring energy and increase curb appeal. Plus, don’t you want to let everyone know how fun you are?

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