Upholstered Beds for a Boy or Girl

Kid's Upholstered Bed Gray and White

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Winter is upon us in full force. I find it hard to keep warm when this portion of the world is brittle and unforgiving! Winter, winter, cold, snow. On Tuesday we woke up to a cool -42 degrees Celsius. Yes, you read that correct. Winter in Edmonton at its finest. So what is a girl to do but think about the move (yes, the house is for sale) and new configurations for the future. The boys have been begging to share a room and I am entertaining the thought, but I am not convinced. I have been looking at different options for beds including upholstered ones. Upholstered beds for a boy or girl as seen here can be tailored to suit any room depending on the fabric you choose for upholstering and the colour scheme of the room.


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Upholstered beds are everywhere right now, which is great if you are looking for your own variation. Some ideas include purchasing one, modifying a simple store bought bed or creating an upholstered headboard which you can hang on the wall. All of the options result in a custom look which I absolutely love. My favourite look so far is the twin upholstered beds placed side by side. So cute!


Kid's Upholstered Beds in Navy

Pottery Barn 


I think there are three factors that make an upholstered bed irresistible. The fabric is first and foremost because it catches your eye right away. Especially if you use a bright colour or a bold pattern or a mix of the two.


Kid's Colourful Upholstered Bed



Second, is the shape of the headboard. The classic rectangular look is appealing in a classic sort of way. But I love curved and scalloped edges. Even a rigid geometric pattern looks great.


Kid's Upholstered Bed Green

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And third, is detail. Details like tufting, monograms, nail head trims and accessorizing. Using the upholstery fabric elsewhere in the room can tie things together in a neat little succinct way. However, if you use it everywhere you might achieve that ‘fabric was on sale’ look or the ‘a little too homemade’ look. There are fine lines. Tread softly.


Kid's Upholstered Bed in White

Serena and Lily 


Whether the boys end up sharing a room or maintaining their own rooms, upholstered beds are definitely an option. I love how you can modify them to suit a boy’s room or a girl’s room depending on the variables chosen. It is best to exercise all of the options while I figure out this next phase! What do you think? Shared room or private rooms?


Kid's Upholstered Twin Beds



Thankfully this cold snap is ending tomorrow which will make life so much easier to live.  Cabin fever be gone! Click on the link beneath the first photo for a tutorial on how to make an upholstered bed if you are so inclined to dream one up!

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